Congratulations on your new Seedbox! 😃 

You have taken a big step towards your own security, anonymity, and an exciting peer-to-peer experience like you never had before.

If you are not sure what is the next step and how to use a Seedbox, please keep reading.

Log in to your Seedbox

Go to your Services page where you find your Seedbox login credentails (and much more!)

Using your Seedbox

Start downloading and uploading files using your Seedbox torrent client!

The following tutorials will guide you through the process, just make sure to identify what is the torrent client you require assistance with:

Downloading and Uploading of files

Downloading and Uploading files via your torrent client are done remotely, in other words, the files remain on our servers.

In order to download a file from your Seedbox to your local desktop, an FTP Client will help you connect to your Seedbox and download the files.

These are some useful tutorials for that purpose:

Seedbox Remote Desktop

Our Seedboxes comes with a fully featured and secure Remote Desktop.

Check the tutorials below to learn how to use it:

Increase your Privacy with OpenVPN

Our OpenVPN service in pre-installed in your Seedbox and helps you hide your local IP address, and increase privacy while browsing the internet.

Check the tutorials below to learn how to use it:

Seedbox Control Panel

Your Seedbox is also a VPS. You can reboot it, reinstall it with another template or your favorite operating system, you can reset your root password in case you forget it, and more.

Click below to learn how to manage your Seedbox via our Control Panel:

Maximize Traffic Speeds

There are many aspects to optimizing Seedbox speeds. While the network/bandwidth speed in your Seedbox is essential to determine the potential traffic speeds. Metrics like the actual torrent you are loading, how many seeders/leechers it has, the timing you loaded the torrent and more will determine your speeds.

Check the tutorials below to learn a little more about the reasons that might cause your Seedbox to work slower than expected and how to efficiently monitor it:

Become a Seedbox Expert

Browse our Help Center for many more tips and tricks on how to use a Seedbox every step of the way without any issues.

We’ll keep updating this page with more content soon, but in the meantime, if you have further questions, please contact our support department by opening a ticket in your client area.

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If you need any assistance, let us know by opening a chat in the lower right hand corner of your screen. We're here to help 😄

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