Master Your Seedbox with RapidSeedbox Dashboard

A guide to Dashboard, a platform for monitoring seedbox activity & usage. Track disk, bandwidth, torrents, users, and system info.

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Overview πŸ‘€

RapidSeedbox Dashboard is a web-based platform that provides users with a comprehensive overview of their seedbox usage and activity. The dashboard is powered by QuickBox, which is a popular open-source platform for seedbox management.

What you can do πŸš€

With RapidSeedbox Dashboard, you can monitor and track important information about your seedbox, including:

Active Service Links: Quickly access and manage One-Click Apps installed to your seedbox.

  • Service Links

  • Controls

Disk usage: Keep track of how much disk space you have used and how much is still available.

Bandwidth usage: Monitor your upload and download speeds, as well as the amount of data you have transferred.

System information: Get an overview of your seedbox hardware, software, and performance, including system uptime, CPU usage, and memory usage.

To access the RapidSeedbox Dashboard, simply log in to your seedbox using your web browser and navigate to the Dashboard page. From there, you can use the various tabs and options to view the information you need and make changes to your seedbox settings.


RapidSeedbox Dashboard provides a convenient and user-friendly way for seedbox users to monitor and manage their seedbox, ensuring that their seedbox is always running smoothly and efficiently! Happy Seedboxing πŸŽ†

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