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Would you take RED or BLUE pill?

I guess most of you can relate to that specific choice given to Keanu Reeves by Laurence Fishburne in the first Matrix movie....

On one hand, the first pill would take him back to his ordinary life as he knows it, and on the other hand, the second one would take him on an adventure — to find out "how deep the rabbit hole goes".

So even though all of our services are created following same standards, they are built with quite different goals in mind, hence same analogy can be applied to our two types of seedboxes.

Blue pill

LEAN - simple, basic service, with no addons or customization options. Only with services listed on the pricing page. Like a burner cell phone.

With the blue pill, (Lean) the basics are covered: torrent client(s), RSS, FTP, torrent creation, VPN/Wireguard. So you can download/share files via P2P, feed torrent clients via RSS, upload and download them to/from your computer over FTP, create torrents based on the files you have uploaded via FTP and and protect your identity via VPN/Wireguard.

Main difference between Lean services is actual storage - disk space.

If the above mentioned is what are you looking for... look no more 🙂 This is exactly what you will get, nothing more and nothing less.

It is a smart choice! You’ll get the power of a seedbox in your hands without spending too much. 😉

NOTE: Lean services are multi-user, shared service type... meaning all users on the server share all resources (including IP address)... and ONLY disk space is actually dedicated PER USER.

Red pill

Now, if you wish to see "how deep the rabbit hole goes", or in other words, actually take FULL control over your seedbox service, then take the "red pill" >> PREMIUM service. This is no "burner" phone like LEAN.. but a fully featured "smart" device (just to complete that analogy too🙂).

Premium seedboxes can take you on a wild ride — just take a look at few key features:

  • Premium services are Ubuntu Linux based VPS-es (each box is independent and with own dedicated IP address)

  • You get direct ssh access, and root (sudo) credentials

  • There is a Remote Desktop connection

  • There are also 100+ additional apps/services available to be installed via a single click

  • From Stream premium service and up you get Plex media server preinstalled for media streaming (NOTE: Fast Premium service does not support streaming of any kind)

  • You will get WebUI access

  • Control Panel - where you can take control over all services on the seedbox (stop/start/restart - enable or disable starting on boot)

  • Access to VPN with OpenVPN/Wireguard

And much more... but these above would be KEY differences between Lean services and Premium ones.

The only common thing for both service types... is the speed of the network port host server is attached to. So speed you can see listed on the pricing page is maximum speed possible on the host server, and it is SHARED among all users on it. It is NOT dedicated speed PER USER.

For more detailed info about it, take a look at our Terms Of Service.

Wrapping it up

To give you a glimpse of what Lean services can do, here is a (short) list of available support articles .

If you wish to learn more about what you can do on Premium services... check out respective help articles area (excluding Lean section already mentioned above), general help pages, or read our blog.

Hopefully this explanation makes some sense... and helps you choose the right service type that would suit your needs.

If not... we are here for you.

So simply drop us a line in our Live Web Support Chat, and ask us anything.

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