Can't Access Your Seedbox? Here's What Might Be Going On

Things that may prevent you from accessing your seedbox

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Nothing is perfect!

Sometimes, even though your seedbox is up and ready for use, you may find that you cannot access it through web interfaces, FTP or SSH.

If you just get new box and can't get access to Dashboard or SSH with credentials from Client's area:

  1. Wait 10 minutes - after payment service will start create your box and it will take some time to start all services

  2. If issue persist - Contact us please in chat - we will check it immediately and help you

Some of the common causes are:

- Self-signed certificates
- Anti-virus software

- Firewall

- VPN connection

- Port-forwarding

- ISP blocking ports

Self-Signed Browser Certificate: A Secure Connection That Might Be Blocking You

Your browser is designed to keep you safe from security threats online, but sometimes it can be a little too safe. If you're seeing an error message about a self-signed browser certificate, it means your browser isn't sure that your seedbox is secure. Luckily, there's an easy fix for this - just follow the instructions provided on the error page to add an exception for your seedbox.


Advanced users can log in via SSH and issue sudo easy-ssl -f to generate new links 😉

Anti-Virus Software: Keeping Your Computer Safe (And Your Seedbox Locked Out)

Your anti-virus software is there to protect you from viruses and malware, but sometimes it can get a little overprotective. If your anti-virus software is blocking access to your seedbox, you can try white-listing or allowing the application through the software. If that doesn't work, try temporarily disabling your anti-virus software to see if that's the problem.

Firewall: A Barrier To Your Seedbox

Firewalls are there to keep your computer safe from unauthorized access, but sometimes they can get in the way of your seedbox. If your firewall is blocking access to your seedbox, you can white-list or allow the application and/or port to gain access.

VPN Connection: Not All VPNs Are Created Equal

Some VPN connections might be blocking your access to your seedbox. If that's the case, check your VPN provider's documentation for instructions on how to allow access.

Pro Tip:

Try using our WireguardVPN or OpenVPN connection provided to you with your seedbox service! Lean users can head to your Dashboard and Premium users can install Wireguard via One-Click Apps while OpenVPN is pre-installed 🚀

ISP Blocking Ports: When Your Internet Service Provider Gets In The Way

Sometimes, ISPs block ports that aren't commonly used to keep their customers safe. If none of the other solutions work for you, check with your ISP to see if they're blocking ports that are needed to access your seedbox.

In conclusion...

...there are plenty of reasons why you might not be able to access your seedbox, but with a little know-how, you can easily fix the problem. So next time you encounter connectivity issues, don't panic - just take a deep breath, follow these tips, and you'll be back to enjoying your seedbox in no time.

Furthermore, you have a rock-star support team standing by waiting to help!

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If you need any assistance, let us know by opening a chat in the bottom-right corner of your screen. We're here to help 😄

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