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How to Upgrade Your Seedbox Plan?

How to upgrade or downgrade your Seedbox to make it bigger, better, and faster!

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Overview πŸ‘€

So you have a Swift or Supreme Seedbox already, you've been using it for a while, and suddenly started realizing you're going to need more disk space, more applications, SSH access... Maybe you need to run more apps at the same time? Perhaps you don't have Plex support and need it?

Upgrade Swift/Supreme to Fast, Stream, Rapid, or Furious Seedbox

Head over to your client area and click on the Seedbox you want to upgrade, either from the home page or from under services. As in the picture below:

Once you are on the Seedbox page, click on "Manage", and you should see a page as below:

From here on, the task is simple. You click on "Change plan" and then choose the appropriate Seedbox for your needs. Depending on what your current Seedbox plan is at the moment, you'll see different offers, and the upgrade will cost you a fraction of the original cost based on how many days of your current payment cycle are still left on the current plan.

πŸ’‘ For Swift and Supreme Seedboxes before performing an upgrade, you'll have to contact the support team in order to send request for the upgrade.

If you are currently paying on a monthly basis, this page will also offer you to switch to annual payments while staying on the same plan.

Did you know? Annual payments give you two months for free every year!

Once you have settled on a choice, click the green button to the right, and you'll be on your way to an even better seedbox! You'll get a new invoice and be asked how you'd like to pay it. Once that is done, and your order is confirmed, your seedbox will go offline, and the upgrade magic begins.

The time it takes depends on the amount of data you have on the seedbox. When the process is complete, you will get an email notification, and you can come back to check your shiny new seedbox.


Upgrading your seedbox is an easy and straightforward process. If you face any issues with it, you can always contact customer support and we'll be happy to help. Sometimes, your problems are not always the result of limited resources in the seedbox. If you're unsure, contact us first and we can check if there's some bigger problem lying around, instead of upgrading and discovering that the problem persists.

You can also use this feature to switch your payment method from monthly to annual if you prefer so, which is always cheaper in the long run!

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