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Q. How do I access my service?

A. Easy! You can just navigate your Client Area and select whichever download client you want. This will open a URL in a new browser tab allowing you to use your login credentials for access.

Q. My download client is slow, and that's not normal!

A. There could be many factors that prevent an ultra-fast seedbox connection.

  1. If your seedbox is on a server with heavy traffic, you may experience a slower connection while sharing resources with others.

  2. During peak usage hours, resources are usually limited, while more users are actively downloading/uploading.

  3. You may have hit your allotted data amount for the month. In which case, don't worry, just wait until the end of your billing cycle to see normal speeds again. Alternatively, you could upgrade your Seedbox plan πŸš€

Q. I want to upgrade my download client to the newest version; how can I do this?

A. You can reach out to our support staff and ask us to install the latest version for you (if there is one available) πŸ™‚

Q. Where are the option settings for Deluge or qBittorrent? I'm trying to make preference changes, and I cannot access my settings!

A. Lean Seedbox plans have limited access, so everyone has equal access to services. If you require further customization of your download Client, please upgrade to one of our Premium Seedbox plans today!

Q. Can I move my active torrents to a new torrent client?

A. YES!! You can absolutely do this. Reach out to a member of support for help! Or simply take a look at this support article πŸ™‚

Q. I'm trying to access my finished downloads; how do I do that?

A. We have a few options available for you to accomplish this!

  • Via FTP (FileZilla client)

  • Web file browser

Q. I want to install SyncThing on my Lean Seedbox, is this allowed?

A. We do not have SyncThing available for our Lean Seedbox products, but we're working on a solution!

I don't know what to do next...

There is small support articles collection made specific for Swift and Supreme services here. If those do not help you, let us know by opening a chat in the bottom right corner of your screen. We're here to help πŸ˜„

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