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How to switch your Torrent Clients on the Lean Seedbox
How to switch your Torrent Clients on the Lean Seedbox

Learning how to seamlessly switch between the four torrent clients that come on the Lean Seedbox

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Your Lean Seedbox comes by default with the Deluge Torrent Client.

If you're not satisfied with it, you can switch between the clients at any time. Maybe one seems slow or you like the interface of another. That's why we offer you the freedom of choice. You can pick your favorite from the best in the industry.

  1. Deluge

  2. qBitTorrent

  3. ruTorrent

  4. Transmission

Step 1

Click on the next Torrent Client you wish to use.

Don't worry about stopping the torrents that are currently downloading or seeding, they'll be fine.

Step 2

Log in to the Client using the provided credentials in the Client Area.

Look out for any spaces when entering your credentials.

Step 3

Enjoy the continuously seeding experience even when switching

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If you need any assistance, let us know by opening a chat in the bottom right corner of your screen. We're here to help πŸ˜„

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