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Install & Uninstall apps using the One-Click Installers on the Premium Seedbox
Install & Uninstall apps using the One-Click Installers on the Premium Seedbox

Learn how to properly use the one-click installers on your Premium seedbox

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The One-Click Installers (OCI) are scripts we've built to make your life easier when you want to install additional software on your Seedbox. With only one click, you can trigger the fast and easy setup process that takes minutes to activate the software.

As of this moment, we offer a total of 110 applications that can be installed with the OCI. Let us show you how to use the OCI.

There are two ways of doing this: you can either use the Web-based OCI (the easy way), or you have the alternative to use the (Command Line Interface) CLI for those who prefer it that way. Both do the same thing, and you only access them from a different place.

  • How to use the Web-Based One-Click Installers

Step 1

From the Client Area, on the side panel go to the OCI

Step 2

By default, it will take you on the Installed Apps tab. This is where you can see all of your installed apps.

Step 3

If you want to install a new app, go the the All tab and always hit the Refresh button that is on the top-right corner to have the latest OCI available

After you do that, you can see that a pop-up message is shown in the top-right corner also the OCI list turns a little dark, and you can't access it till the sync finishes

Now, go to that app and click the little wheel that is shown at the end of the row

And relax till the process finishes. Sometimes it takes a while

Step 4

If you want to update a particular app, hit the little up-arrow, which is shown only if the app can be updated

Step 5

If you want to see the credentials with which you log in to a particular app, click on the little key

And you will get to see the access link and the credentials you can use to access it

Step 6

But if you need to uninstall an app, you can click on the bin you have available with any installed app

Step 7

And finally, many of the apps we offer have dedicated tutorials for ease of use. To access it, click on that specific icon that is shown with all the apps that we have tutorials for

  • How to use the CLI One-Click Installers

Step 1

Step 2

Use the install-app utility to install and uninstall apps

sudo install-app

Or if you're running as root


Use the keyboard or the mouse (by double clicking) to move around the tool

As of this moment, these are our officially supported apps

__Fixes: Fixes for CuteFTP Users: fix_cute 
__Fixes: Fixes for KODI SFTP connection: kodi_sftp_fix
__Fixes: Fixes for ruTorrent FileShare Plugin: fix_rutorrent_fileshare
Desktop Environments: Cinnamon Desktop: cinnamon
Desktop Environments: IceWM Desktop: icewm
Desktop Environments: LXDE Desktop: lxdedesktop
Desktop Environments: LxQT Desktop: lxqtdesktop
Desktop Environments: MATE Desktop: mate
Desktop Environments: OpenBox Desktop: openbox
Desktop Environments: XFCE Desktop: xfcedesktop
Download Managers: Calibre: calibre
Download Managers: flareGet: flareget
Download Managers: JDownloader 2: jdownloader2
Download Managers: Persepolis
Download Manager: persepolis
Download Managers: uGet: uget
Download Managers: Xtreme Download Manager: xdm
Download Managers: YouTube-dl: youtube-dl
Download Managers: Yt-dlp: yt-dlp
File Managers: CloudCmd: cloudcmd
File Managers: elFinder: elfinder
File Managers: FileCommander: filecommander
File Managers: Filezilla: filezilla
File Managers: Pydio: pydio
File Managers: Rapidleech: rapidleech
Mail Clients: Thunderbird: thunderbird
Messengers: Pidgin: pidgin
Multimedia: Handbrake: handbrake
Multimedia: Headphones: headphones
Multimedia: MKVToolNix: mkvtoolnix
Multimedia: Nicotine: nicotine
Multimedia: Subliminal: subliminal
Multimedia: VLC: vlc
Remote Access: NoMachine: nomachine
Remote Access: ThinLinc: thinlinc
Remote Access: VNC: vncserver
Remote Access: X2Go Server: x2goserver
Remote Access: XRDP: xrdp
Streaming: CherryMusic: cherrymusic
Streaming: Emby Server: emby
Streaming: Jellyfin: jellyfin
Streaming: Madsonic: madsonic
Streaming: Ombi: ombi
Streaming: Plex: plexmediaserver
Streaming: Plex Trakt Scrobbler: plextraktscrobbler
Streaming: Plex
WebTools: plex_webtools
Streaming: Plexdrive Service: plexdrive_service
Streaming: PlexPy: plexpy
Streaming: Subsonic: subsonic
Streaming: Tautulli: tautulli
Sync Solutions: Dropbox: dropbox
Sync Solutions: MEGAsync: megasync
Sync Solutions: NextCloud Server: nextcloud
Sync Solutions: Rclone Browser: rclone_browser
Sync Solutions: Resilio Sync: resiliosync
Sync Solutions: SyncThing: syncthing
System Maintenance: OS Update: dist_upgrade
System Maintenance: Update RSB
Custom Scripts: update_rsb_scripts
System Services: Docker: docker System Services: I2P Daemon: i2pd
System Services: OpenVPN 2.4: openvpn24
System Services: OpenVPN 2.5: openvpn25
System Services: Pure FTPd: pureftpd
System Services: RinetD BBR: rinetd_bbr
System Services: SoftEtherVPN: softethervpn
System Services: WebSSH: webssh
System Services: Wireguard: wireguard
Torrent Clients and Utilities: Aria2: aria2
Torrent Clients and Utilities: Couchpotato: couchpotato
Torrent Clients and Utilities: Deluge - Dropbox Upload: dropbox_deluge
Torrent Clients and Utilities: Deluge - Google Drive Upload: gdrive_deluge
Torrent Clients and Utilities: Deluge 2: deluge-2
Torrent Clients and Utilities: FlexGet: flexget
Torrent Clients and Utilities: Flood: flood
Torrent Clients and Utilities: Jackett: jackett
Torrent Clients and Utilities: NZBGet: nzbget
Torrent Clients and Utilities: qBittorrent: qbittorrent
Torrent Clients and Utilities: qBittorrent WebUI: qbittorent_webui
Torrent Clients and Utilities: rTorrent: rtorrent
Torrent Clients and Utilities: ruTorrent - AutoDL Plugin: autodl
Torrent Clients and Utilities: ruTorrent - Dropbox Upload: dropbox_rutorrent
Torrent Clients and Utilities: ruTorrent - Google Drive Upload: gdrive_rutorrent
Torrent Clients and Utilities: ruTorrent - MediaStream Plugin: rutorrent_plugin_mediastream
Torrent Clients and Utilities: ruTorrent UI: rutorrent_ui
Torrent Clients and Utilities: Sabnzbd: sabnzbd
Torrent Clients and Utilities: SickRage: sickrage
Torrent Clients and Utilities: Tixati: tixati
Torrent Clients and Utilities: Transmission: transmission
Torrent Clients and Utilities: Transmission Daemon: transmission_daemon
Torrent Clients and Utilities: Tribler: tribler
Torrent Clients and Utilities: uTorrent 2.2.1 (WINE): utorrent_wine
Torrent Clients and Utilities: VinaGet: vinaget
Torrent Clients and Utilities: WebTorrent Desktop: webtorrent_desktop
Utilities: 7Zip: 7zip_full
Utilities: Bat: bat
Utilities: Dropbox CLI: dropbox_uploader
Utilities: Flatpak: flatpak
Utilities: Google Drive CLI: gdrive
Utilities: Neofetch: neofetch
Utilities: Oracle Java JRE 8: oracle_jre8
Utilities: Organizr: organizr
Utilities: Proxy Puppeteer: proxy_puppeteer
Utilities: SeedboxCP: seedboxcp
Utilities: WINE: wine
Web Browsers: Basilisk: basilisk
Web Browsers: Brave: brave
Web Browsers: Firefox: firefox
Web Browsers: Google Chrome: chrome
Web Browsers: IceCat: icecat
Web Browsers: Microsoft Edge
Web Browsers: Midori: midori
Web Browsers: Min: min
Web Browsers: Opera: opera
Web Browsers: Pale Moon: palemoon
Web Browsers: Tor Browser: torbrowser
Web Browsers: Vivaldi: vivaldi
Web Browsers: Waterfox: waterfox
Web Browsers: Yandex Browser: yb

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