Easily access your seedbox using NoMachine remote desktop!

Step 1 - Install NoMachine on your seedbox:

  1. Head to your One-Click Apps

  2. Click ALL on the toolbar

  3. Select Remote Access from the filtering menu

  4. Click the install gear, then wait for the installation to complete

  5. Upon successful installation, please refresh the list of One-Click Apps on your seedbox by pressing Refresh

💡 Advanced Users ONLY

You can also use CLI to install applications. Open a terminal, ssh into your seedbox, and type:

sudo install-app

Step 2 - Install NoMachine on a mobile device

Google Play Store

Apple Store

Step 3 - Set up Seedbox access.

After we successfully install NoMachine, it's time to access our Seedbox.

Open the NoMachine App:

Choose NX protocol > Continue:

Enter Seedbox IP and connection port

Enter your Seedbox Password

Choose to skip this next screen

Save! 😃

After successfully adding your seedbox to your list of devices, it's time to log in.

Click on your new device from the list and select YES to verify host authenticity.

Next, fill in your default username and password on your Service page on your seedbox account.

Once you've used the correct credentials to log in you can choose to skip the next pages on following start-ups

Welcome to your Seedbox Desktop using NoMachine mobile ✅

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