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How to control your Seedbox from your Smartphone using NoMachine
How to control your Seedbox from your Smartphone using NoMachine

Learn how you can control your Premium Seedbox on the go, even from your mobile devices, with NoMachine

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People nowadays tend to use their smartphones for everything, so it's often just easier to access their seedbox directly from their smartphone rather than booting up the PC/laptop and doing it from there, or simply because they don't own a PC/laptop.

To meet this growing demand, NoMachine has perfected its Remote Desktop setup, allowing you to control your seedbox from your smartphone (Android/iOS) just like you would from a PC.

Let us show you how you can set up all that.

Step 1

Firstly, we have to download and install NoMachine for your smartphone, from PlayStore or AppStore.

Step 2

After you install it on your smartphone you also need to install the NoMachine server on your seedbox.

To do so, check this article to learn how to install/uninstall apps.

After installing, you have to start and enable the NoMachine server installed on the seedbox. You can use SeedboxCP to easily do that.

Or via the terminal using seedbox-cp

Step 3

After the NoMachine server has been started on the seedbox, go back on your smartphone on and start connecting to the server.

Step 4

Start set up everything by adding the IP address

Then choose the authentication method that you want to use (password).

You can skip the proxy part and then enter a name for this specific connection.

Step 5

Now connect by choosing the Connection first, then press on the little lighting sign in the bottom-right corner.

Verify the host authenticity, then enter your the user and password

Step 6

You're almost done, only a few steps away

Here you can choose if you want to always create a new display when connecting to your seedbox. I have left that off, because sometimes there will be a hanging session left, and then I would rather connect to that than spawn a new one.

Tick this on and move forward

Your choice here! Do you want sound or not?

Step 7

Here you'll see some basic (valuable) instructions and tips on how to use NoMachine. After you get through all you'll get to this screen that shows how to navigate around.

Last Step

Finally, you get to your Seedbox's remote desktop. Enjoy!

Tip: This is best experienced on iPads or big smartphones/displays in general.

I don't know what to do next...

If you need any assistance, let us know by opening a chat in the bottom-right corner of your screen. We're here to help 😄

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