How to sync your files with Resilio

Learn how to sync files between your local machine and your Seedbox, automatically and with ease, using Resilio

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Resilio, formerly known as BTSync, is a reliable solution to sync your files from your Seedbox to your local device. Say goodbye to the hassle of downloading files via FTP every time you need them. Resilio is a simple and easy-to-use solution that makes file syncing a breeze.

In addition to syncing with your local device, Resilio is also compatible with your mobile device, so you can easily synchronize your files to your iOS or Android device.


Resilio Sync does not come pre-installed on our seedboxes 🚫

You can install Resilio Sync from One-Click Installers if you have a Premium seedbox!

Mobile Connection:

You can also synchronize your files to your mobile device: iOS or Android

Step 1️⃣

To start syncing your files, access Resilio through your web browser on your local PC or mobile device, and enter the following URL:



Once you enter the URL, you will be prompted with a window. Don't worry about the certificate notification. This is normal behavior for self-signed certificates.


After logging in, you’ll be taken to the Resilio dashboard. The next step is to create a profile for your Resilio account. Simply enter a desired username.


Once your account is set up, it’s time to start adding content to sync. To do this, click on Add folder in the top left corner, and choose which folders from your Seedbox you want to sync. By default, you will be in the root folder. Just browse through the folders and go to home > user. You should see your Torrents, Downloads folders, or any existing folders you are using on your Seedbox.

Step 4️⃣

The folder is added, and we need to set up our secret code so we can start syncing.

Note: Only those who have this code can sync your files from the Seedbox to a local machine


  • Read Only: You or additional users will be able to view and download synced content

  • Read & Write: Users will be able to view download and upload content to the synced folder


Here we can set up security for our links. A desirable setup is to leave settings by default.

Sharing your key

Your key represents a private key that is required to enter on any other device that you want to sync files with

This is useful if, for example, you want to provide your key to your friend and allow him to only download your files, so you provide a Read-only key

QR code

Alternatively, same as with your key, you can use a QR code to access your content. Download the following applications on your mobile, grab a QR code and start syncing.

Synchronize files to your own devices

Click here to install Resilio on your favorite platform.

After installation is done, follow these steps to sync files from your Seedbox

  1. Startup Resilio

  2. Click on the ‘cog’ icon, and select Manual connection

  3. Enter your secret key

The progress can be viewed on both the Seedbox WebUI dashboard and the Resilio window. Also, you can see how many peers are currently syncing your files.

Login issues 🤔

If by any chance you cannot log in, or just forgot your password for Resilio, there is a way to resolve it. You would have to log on to your seedbox via ssh or remote desktop.

  1. Use the terminal and use this command


  2. Use the utility to change/reset the 'ResilioSync' password

    NOTE: This command will not change the password that's shown in your Client Area for this specific service.

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