Connect Sonarr to Seedbox rTorrent

Learn how to send torrents using Sonarr on your local machine to rTorrent on your Seedbox

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If you’re streaming media from home, chances are you’re using more than one *Arr program to automate this process. In this guide, we’ll use Sonarr to walk through connecting your local and home network to rTorrent running on your seedbox. It’s important to note that this practice can be applied through most of the *Arr programs you choose to use, such as Radarr or Prowlarr.

Step 1 - Set Download Client in Sonarr

We will head to the Settings tab from the Sonarr home screen.

Now click on Download Clients

Next, we will add our client by clicking the + button as displayed here:

Next, we will select rTorrent as our download client:

Now we can begin to enter our seedbox details for rtorrent (replace “x” with the IP of seedbox):

Name: You can add any name you’d like to here.

Case 1: Seedbox <> Seedbox

The host and port should be left as is, Use SSL: unchecked.

Case 2: Local PC <> Seedbox

Host: We’ll enter the seedbox rtorrent IP we used earlier in this guide, and remember to replace the x’s with the IP of your seedbox.

Port & SSL: Since we have SSL enabled, we’ll be rocking on port 443

Url Path: We’ve got a couple of options presented to us, but for our seedboxes, the default input is: /plugins/rpc/rpc.php

Username & Password: These are the default login credentials for rtorrent, which can also be found in your Client Area.

After this, we have a few extra optional configurations available to use that are not needed to complete this setup.

Once you’re ready to proceed, it’s important to test your connection first! After you’ve hit the test button, wait until you’ve received a green check mark as displayed here:

If this goes well, you’re ready to save and move on!

Step 2 - Remote Path Mapping

The next part in our setup is telling Sonarr how to map the path of downloaded files from the seedbox to your local folders.

Let’s begin on the Download Client screen:

At the bottom, we’ll click on the + on the bottom right in the Remote Path Mapping section:

To continue, we’ll need to add the following information:

Host: In the drop-down menu, you’ll find the rtorrent instance we set up previously.

Remote Path: Here, you will enter the location where rtorrent saves your downloads. *This can be changed in your rtorrent settings under the AutoTools section*

Local Path: Let’s assume you’re using ResilioSync or SyncThing to sync files between your seedbox and home network. You will enter the destination folder on your local machine, where Sonarr can find finished downloads once they have had the time to sync. In this instance, downloads on the local network are stored in the user home directory inside the sync & movies folders.

Now hit that save button!

You have now successfully connected Sonarr to rTorrent on your Seedbox!

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