Getting started with SyncThing

Keep files between your seedbox and local machine up-to-date using SyncThing. Fast, simple, and secure.

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Use SyncThing (or similar) to sync completed downloads between your seedbox and local device.

Step #1 - Install SyncThing - (install SyncThing on your local device HERE)

  • One-Click Apps (Easy)

    | Starting from your Client Area

    Step 1: Click on One-Click Apps

    Step 2: Select ALL from the filter bar

    Step 3: Find Sync Solutions inside the drop-down menu

    Step 4: Install SyncThing

    Step 5: Refresh the list of One-Click Apps

    Upon completion, you should now be able to access your seedbox using one of the following URLs provided


    # replace '*' with IP of seedbox

  • install-app CLI (Advanced Users)**

    | Start by connecting to your seedbox via SSH

    Step 1: Type sudo install-app

    Step 2: Install Application

    Step 3: Sync Solutions

    Step 4: SyncThing

    Step 5: Install

  • | Complete ✅

Step #2 - Setup Folders for Syncing ♻️

Once inside SyncThing on your Seedbox, click "Add Remote Device" to add your local machine SyncThing instance.

Step #3 - Device ID 🆔

In order to add your local machine, you'll need to grab your Device ID

You can find your device ID by clicking on

Actions ⚙️ >> Show ID 🆔 >> Copy

Paste this ID in the Device ID section on the Seedbox SyncThing Add Remote Device menu. You can also give this device a unique name such as Local Device.

Step #4 - Sharing

Once you've added your Local Machine it's time to set up a folder to start syncing.

Let's assume that on your Seedbox you want to sync the folder /home/user/Downloads/complete

with your Local Machine folder


On your Seedbox SyncThing instance, click Add Folder to begin.

Here you can add a folder name and state the path to the folder.

  1. Add Folder Label - Movies

  2. Assign folder path - /home/user/Downloads/complete

  3. Set which device to sync this folder with - Local Machine

I don't know what to do next...

If you need any assistance, let us know by opening a chat in the bottom right corner of your screen. We're here to help 😄

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