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Sync files between your seedbox and PC/Mac

Basic SyncThing usage guide

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If you wish to keep files between your seedbox and your PC or Mac syncronised, you can use SyncThing. Here is basic tutorial how to get it done.

Step 1
Go to your client area and install SyncThing using the One-Click-Installer. This may take a few minutes to complete.

Step 2
For first-time access, you need to use Remote Desktop. Access your seedbox Remote Desktop using X2Go or ThinLinc

In Remote Desktop, open a browser and visit "localhost:8384". Login using the username "user" and password from Client's area.

Step 3
To allow remote access (without using remote desktop)

Go to Actions > Settings > GUI

Change the following settings:
GUI Listen Address:
Change from "" to ""
GUI Authentication User, GUI Authentication Password:
create a username and strong password
Check the "Use HTTPS for GUI"

Save. You will be prompted to log-in (use the new credentials you've created)

You may now access SyncThing remotely without going through your Remote Desktop.
Simply open a browser on your PC/Mac, and visit the URL https://your.seedbox.ip.address:8384, then use the credentials you created.

Sync other devices with your seedbox 

Step 1
Install SyncThing on your PC/Mac/other-device.

You can download app from next link:

Step 2
Copy the SyncThing instance ID from Actions > Show ID.

Step 3
On your seedbox SyncThing, go to Remote Devices and Press "Add Remote Device"

And set ID from Step 2

Step 4
On your device, a prompt should come up. Choose "Add Device" to accept.

Adding Folders
You can share different folders with different devices.
From your seedbox SyncThing interface, under Folders, click on "+Add Folder". Create a new folder in a location of your preference. 

Share folder with device/seedbox

Click on the newly-created folder, click on Edit

Go to the "Sharing" tab, select the device with which you want to share this folder by checking the box, then "Save".
Do this on the seedbox too. For ease of use, we use /home/user/Downloads on the seedbox as the common destination folder for all apps.

On the seedbox, you will receive a prompt to add the new folder share. Clock "Add" to accept.

Both your seedbox and device should now list the shared folders with the status "Up to date"

Congratulations!! Files in the shared folders are now automatically syncronised and you don't have to check the seedbox for newly-completed downloads or to download files to your PC manually.

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