We at the Rapidseedbox value our clients above anything else.

Because of that, we are in the constant search of ways to implement new stuff so our clients can have the best service possible.

Due to high demand, we implemented One-click Installers that helps you quickly install over 50 applications on your machine with minimum effort.

What are One-click Installers?

One-click Installers are executable scripts that when initiated auto install and configure desired software onto clients seedboxes without any previous requirements and inquiries from the client’s side.

To be blunt, whichever software you want from One-click Installers list to be installed on your seedbox, all you have to do is click on it and wait for it to be installed.

If you have a Seedbox prior to November 1st, 2016 you will be required to upgrade your Seedbox free of charge. Please contact us via the live chat.

How to access One-click Installers page?

First, you need to access your Client Area.

You can access your Client Area by navigating to the link found in your Welcome email.

A login window will be displayed (see picture below).

Enter your credentials, and press LOG IN.

Note: If you enter wrong credentials for more than three times, our System will blacklist your IP. This happens due to the prevention of Brute-force attacks.

Our system removes your IP from the blacklist in 15 minutes from the last attempt so please be patient. Otherwise, reboot your router to have a new IP address allocated.

After you log in to you Client Area you will be shown a number of buttons where each button represents different page for your service like Credentials page, Support Tickets page etc…

Among these buttons, you will see one that is named “One-click Installers” ( see picture below ).

Just click on it and you will enter the Installers page.

First usage of One-click installers

As soon as you log into One-click Installers page you will see the notification about the Seedbox Maintenance installation. (see image below)

As you can see the first time when you use One-click Installers you should install Maintenance installer ( Only first time ).

This is due to operating system updates are required in order to provide the best possible foundation for all future installations, and in that way prevent glitches and bugs to be created.

Also, this update will freshen up your operating system and update all the software to it’s latest available versions.

You will find Seedbox Maintenance installer at top of the Maintenance list ( see image below ).

Navigation between different seedboxes.

Immediately after you see the notification mentioned in the part above you will notice Tab with your seedbox Plan name and your seedbox IP, for the example: Quick (

This tab will allow you to navigate between all your seedboxes ( if you have more than one ) and install and uninstall software on seedbox that you chose.

If you have more than one seedbox all your other seedboxes will be represented as tabs like one on the picture above. In order to access them, you just need to click on them.

Installed and Not installed lists

When you first enter One-click Installers page you will only have “Not installed” list. In it, you can find all installers that are available for you to install on your seedbox.

As soon as you install any of available installers they will be transferred to your Installed list. By doing that you always can know which installers are on your seedbox and which ones are available for you to install.

How to use One-click Installers?

In order to install wanted installer, navigate to a ticket of that installer in “Not installed” list, and click on wrench icon ( see image below ).

After that Install window will appear and it will look like on picture bellow.

After that Installer will go from “Not installed” list to “Installed” list. From where you will be able to uninstall it by pressing trashcan icon or see credentials of the wanted installer (if it has them ) by pressing the key icon.

This is all you need to know to be able to use your One-click Installers like a pro 🙂

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