How to install Tor Browser on a Linux-based operating system

Learn how to install Tor Browser on your Seedbox via the remote desktop.

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While trying to install the Tor browser from the One Click installers menu or via the install app, sometimes it doesn’t work.

That is why we developed this article with step-by-step instructions on installing Tor on Linux-based operating systems. In this case, over Remote Desktop.

Log into your Remote Desktop

Please log in to your Remote Desktop and launch the Linux terminal to update a Linux installation. To do this, enter the following command: sudo apt update && sudo apt upgrade -y.

Now hit Enter, fill out your user password, and Enter again. Take a look at the screenshot below in case of any doubts. 👀

Download Tor Browser

Now you can go ahead and download the Tor Browser installation file for Linux. Open the Firefox browser on your Remote Desktop, go to this address, and click the Linux icon (second from the right).

Once the download is complete, you have to extract the Tor browser. Do this by right-clicking on the file that’s appeared and selecting “open with Archive Manager.”

Select the file and click on “Extract.”

Register Tor Browser

To finish up this process, you will need to register the Tor browser as an app.

To do that, go to the terminal again and use it to locate the Tor browser installation by first choosing the correct folder(s) and then typing in the exact name of the Tor browser as it appears in the console or as it appeared after extraction.

Please take a look at the screenshot below to guide you through this process.

Now type in the following command from the location where the Tor browser installation is extracted, and press enter: ./start-tor-browser.desktop –register-app

The Tor browser is now registered as an app and ready for launch. You should find it under your apps in Linux.

Congratulations!! 🥳
You successfully installed the Tor Browser on your Linux Remote Desktop.

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