Getting Started with Readarr (2024 Update!!)

Ready to take your digital book shelf to new heights? Here comes Readarr! Start your journey below to get started with Readarr the easy way.

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What is Readarr?

Readarr is an eBook and audiobook collection manager for Usenet and BitTorrent users. It can monitor multiple RSS feeds for new books and will interface with clients and indexers to grab, sort, and rename them.

Ready to get started?

Be sure you have Readarr installed using our One-Click Apps.

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Step #1 : Download Client Configuration(s)

(We'll be using Deluge for this guide)

We'll begin by adding our first download client. Assuming that your download client is also installed on your seedbox, your download client configuration would be the following:


Port: 8112

Make sure that you've enabled the Labels plugin within Deluge by opening Deluge >> Preferences >> Plugins >> Labels >>

For more download client configurations, click the button below:

Step #2 : Adding Indexers (using Prowlarr)

Adding an Indexer

  • Additional Parameters

    • Here we can set the categories for each indexer will use when performing a search.

    You can set custom seeding requirements for each indexer by clicking Show Advanced, then clicking the indexer you wish to customize. This is especially useful if you have seeding requirements as part of a private tracker.

Seeding Options

Use Seeding Options if you want to set specific rules to meet tracker requirements.

Step # 3 : Media Management & Adding New Items

After you complete the basic setup process outlined above, you can go ahead and build your ebook library!

  1. Add Root Folder - This option allows you to add any currently downloaded ebooks in library after clicking by navigating to the directory where the ebooks are located.

    Example: /home/user/ebooks

  2. Add New Author - This option allows you to start adding authors to your ebook library right away!

And there you have it!

That's Readarr in 3-Easy-Steps 🙂

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