Getting Started with Prowlarr (2024 Update)

Simplify media downloading with Prowlarr on RapidSeedbox. A guide to using Prowlarr as an indexing agent for Sonarr, Radarr, and Lidarr

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Are you tired of manually searching for new media to add to your seedbox library? Do you want to streamline your media organization process and enjoy a more efficient and organized media library? Look no further than Prowlarr!

Prowlarr is the purr-fect indexing agent for Sonarr, Radarr, and Lidarr on RapidSeedbox. Think of Prowlarr as your media library's personal assistant, constantly on the prowl for new and exciting media to add to your collection. With just a few clicks, Prowlarr will simplify your media downloading process and leave you with more time to enjoy your favorite movies and TV shows. So why not give Prowlarr a try today and let it take your media organization to the next level!

Setup & Installation

Installation Methods

  • One-Click Apps (Easy)

    | Starting from your Client Area

    Step 1: Click on One-Click Apps

    Step 2: Select ALL from the filter bar

    Step 3: Find Torrent Utilities inside the drop-down menu

    Step 4: Install Sonarr

    Step 5: Refresh the list of One-Click Apps

    Upon completion, you should now be able to access your seedbox using one of the following URLs provided

    # replace '*' with IP of seedbox

  • install-app CLI (Advanced Users)**

    | Start by connecting to your seedbox via SSH

    Step 1: Type sudo install-app

    Step 2: Install Application

    Step 3: Torrent Clients and Utilities

    Step 4: Prowlarr

    Step 5: Install

  • | Complete ✅

Adding Indexers:

From the main Prowlarr page click--

  1. Add Indexer

  2. Select your choice of indexer

  3. Configure settings for each indexer

    1. Each of the settings is set within Prowlarr and then synced to Sonarr, Radarr, or Lidarr.

Adding Applications (Sonarr, Radarr Lidarr, etc.)

To add a new *arr application to your Prowlarr instance go to:

  1. Settings

  2. Apps

  3. Click the "+" button to add a new application

Below is a sample configuration with Sonarr and Prowlarr.

Assuming both programs are installed on your seedbox.

Rapid Seedbox Prowlarr Sonarr setup

Additional Features

Native Download

Prowlarr is packed with additional features much like that of Sonarr and Radarr. With Prowlarr, you can pick a download client and search for media directly inside Prowlarr.


You can even set custom notification settings with Prowlarr and receive updates as your downloads continue.

Why not use Jackett? 🤔

Prowlarr and Jackett are both indexing agents that can be used with Sonarr, Radarr, and Lidarr to automate media downloading and organization. However, there are several reasons why users may prefer to use Prowlarr over Jackett.

First, Prowlarr is a more user-friendly option with a clean and intuitive interface that makes it easy to set up and use. This can be especially beneficial for users who are new to using indexing agents and want a straightforward solution.

Second, Prowlarr is a newer and more actively developed indexing agent, meaning that it is more likely to receive updates and new features in the future. This can be especially important for users who want to stay up-to-date with the latest developments in media downloading and organization.

In conclusion, while Jackett is a well-established and widely used indexing agent, Prowlarr offers several advantages for RapidSeedbox users who want a more user-friendly, integrated, and actively developed option.

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