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What is Sonarr?

Sonarr is a PVR client that indexes your TV content and searches for new downloads automatically. Easily input your favorite indexers or both torrents and Usenet then select your desired download client to begin!

Heads Up!! We also have another easy-to-follow guide that also provides ROCK-STAR support 🎸

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Installation Methods

  • One-Click Apps (Easy)

    | Starting from your Client Area

    Step 1: Click on One-Click Apps

    Step 2: Select ALL from the filter bar

    Step 3: Find Torrent Utilities inside the drop-down menu

    Step 4: Install Sonarr

    Step 5: Refresh the list of One-Click Apps

    Upon completion, you should now be able to access your seedbox using one of the following URLs provided

    # replace '*' with IP of seedbox

  • install-app CLI (Advanced Users)**

    | Start by connecting to your seedbox via SSH

    Step 1: Type sudo install-app

    Step 2: Install Application

    Step 3: Torrent Clients and Utilities

    Step 4: Sonarr

    Step 5: Install

  • | Complete ✅

Download Clients

HEADS UP!! If you want more examples please head to this LINK 🚀

Deluge (sample)

  • Seedbox configuration

    • Use this configuration if you have Sonarr installed on your seedbox.

  • Local Machine Configuration

    • Make sure you enable "Advanced" first

    • Use this configuration if you have Sonarr installed on your seedbox.

  • Completed Download Handling Option

    Enable this option if you want Sonarr to remove the downloaded file from the download client on seedbox after import.

    Do NOT enable this option if you wish to seed. Please refer to the Seeding Options section of this guide to meet seeding requirements before removal.

    Remote Path Mapping

    Remote path mapping allows you to tell Sonarr where your download client stores finished downloads and where Sonarr should look for finished downloads. This is especially helpful when running Sonarr on a remote machine or inside Docker 🐳


    Seedbox download client (Deluge) places finished movies in the directory /home/user/Downloads/finished and you use SyncThing or ResilioSync to put those files onto a local machine inside a folder named /home/user/finished_downloads.

Media Management (recommended)

Here you can add your libraries and decide how Sonarr should handle them.

  • Library Import (video)

    Importing your library is easy by using the Library Import option inside the settings toolbar. You can easily batch import series, and select the monitoring type, series type, quality, and root folders of each series all at once or one by one.

  • Episode naming

    Here you can set how Sonarr handles the Episode Naming process. Please make sure to follow the format shown in the settings area to ensure Sonarr (and Plex) are able to read your media correctly.

  • Importing

    🌟 It’s recommended that you enable the “Use Hardlinks….” option if you are torrenting to allow seeding to continue

    Here we can set the way Sonarr handles importing new downloads. You can also set Sonarr to Import Extra Files to include artwork, .nfo, and subtitles.

  • Searching for episodes of existing series

    When you need to search for missing episodes of a pre-existing series there are 3 ways to accomplish this. Automatic Search, Manual Search, and RSS.

    • Manual Search 👤

      • Season (search monitored seasons)

      • Episode (Episode specific search)

    • Automatic Search 🔍

      • Automatically Seach ALL Monitored Seasons & Episodes

      • Automatic Season Search (All Monitored Seasons)

      • Automatic Episode Search

  • Common Indexers + Setup

    • Common Indexers (example)

    • Adding Indexers

      • Prowlarr (recommended)

        To install Prowlarr on your Premium Seedbox, please head to your Client Area >> One-Click-Apps >> All >> select Torrent Clients from the drop-down menu >> find Prowlarr and install using the gear icon ⚙️

        Adding an Indexer

      • Jackett

      • Additional Parameters

        • Here we can set the categories for each indexer will use when performing a search.

        You can set custom seeding requirements for each indexer by clicking Show Advanced, then clicking the indexer you wish to customize. This is especially useful if you have seeding requirements as part of a private tracker.

        • Seeding Options

          Use Seeding Options if you want to set specific rules to meet tracker requirements.

  • Adding a Series

    Adding a series is quick and easy using the search bar!

    Once you find the series you’d like to download you can select the quality profile and custom tags for each series to ensure you get the best quality downloads.

  • Activity Queue

    When you want to see how your downloads are doing you can check the Activity Queue tab for an update.

    Sometimes, Sonarr may not automatically import the episode (i.e. Episode title mismatch). In this case, you can manually import the episode by selecting the "👤" icon.

  • Quality Settings (recommended)

    These settings are purely based on your own personal preferences.

    4K settings are set to ‘max’ because I want the best quality possible. However, these settings NEED to be adjusted to a lower amount to enjoy a comfortable streaming experience using 4K. Especially if you intend on having multiple streams.

  • Profiles (recommended)

    • Quality Profiles

      Set each series to a preset Quality Profile which can be set to upgrade automatically if a better quality version becomes available.

    • Release Profiles

      You can set custom parameters with Release Profiles.

      Example Usage: Only download h.264 codec for 1080p/720p video files.

Import Lists

Add media automatically from Plex Watchlists

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