Load torrents from uTorrent to ruTorrent/Deluge

Simple steps to transfer your torrents to our recommended bitTorrent clients.

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Your Seedbox is using GNU/Linux operating system, and by default it is running  on Ubuntu 16.04.

While uTorrent is a clearly a great bitTorrent client on Windows platform, through our tests, we've found it not suitable to run on our servers anymore due various of reasons:

  1. Maintainers of uTorrent stopped development since 2015.

  2. Some communities ban uTorrent.

  3. Have worse performances, comparing to ruTorrent/Deluge.

  4. Offers no SSL, which is very insecure.

  5. Cause very high CPU utilization with hurts other users (in case you're on a shared Server).

In this article you will learn how to migrate your existing torrents from uTorrent to ruTorrent or Deluge.

Migrating your torrents to ruTorrent

There are two ways to migrate to ruTorrent: 

  • via CLI commands  

  • via WebUI 


Establish the SSH session to your Seedbox, either using root or user account. You can find your SSH credentials in your Client Area.  

Please refer to this article if you are not sure how to log in over SSH protocol:
Issue those commands. You will be prompted to type your user password, if you are logged as user.

sed -i.bak 's/^#schedule/schedule/g' /home/user/.rtorrent.rc
sudo systemctl restart rtorrent@user


Open Settings->Autotools and mark pointed checkboxes, also be sure to set /home/user/Torrents directory as source for .torrent files.


Go into Preferences in the WebUI:

Then mark checkboxes for "Autoadd" and "Copy" marked with red arrows, and change Copy dir to /home/user/Watch

Both this methods will bring all the torrents from /home/user/Torrents folder into ruTorrent/Deluge list.

In the most cases, this would be all  torrents you have in your uTorrent list for the moment, and may be even more - you might delete some of downloads from UI, but torrent file would still presents in /home/user/Torrents .

I don't know what to do next...

If you need any assistance, let us know by opening a chat in the lower right hand corner of your screen. We're here to help 😄

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