Remote Torrent Adder is a handy Chrome Extension that lets users load torrents and magnet links directly to BitTorrent clients directly via Chrome without loading your web-based torrent client.

In this tutorial, we will show you how to use Remote Torrent Adder in a few simple steps in order to load torrents quickly to your favorite torrent client.

Step 1

Open Google Chrome and click here to install Remote Torrent Adder extension.

Step 2

Click on the extension icon and go to “Options”.

Step 3

Click “Add Server”, name it and choose the BitTorrent client you wish to add from the dropdown menu. Click “Add” to confirm.

Tip: You may also remove the pre-existing “Primary Server”.

Step 4

Fill in the details of your torrent client. We’ll list the important fields for each popular torrent client below while the rest are optional.

Host = Seedbox IP
Type = ruTorrent WebUI (marked before)
Port = 443
SSL = check
username: user
password: ruTorrent password
Relative Path: /rutorrent

Host = Seedbox IP
Type = Deluge WebUI (marked before)
Port = 443
SSL = check
username: user
password: Deluge password
Relative Path: /deluge

Host = Seedbox IP
Type = Transmission WebUI (marked before)
Port = 443
SSL = check
username: user
password: Transmission password

Step 5

Locate the torrent you wish to load, right click it (you may also use magnet links) and choose “Add to Remote WebUI”.

Tip: If you have more than one server configured, a secondary menu with the list of your configured servers will show up and let you choose to which server you wish to load your torrent on.

Step 6

A confirmation pop-up window will confirm that the torrent is added successfully. Your torrent should now show up in your web-based torrent client.

Congratulations, you have learned how to use Remote Torrent Adder.

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