Connecting your home Sonarr/Radarr to RSB's Deluge and ruTorrent.
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Sometimes, you want to use RSB's Seedbox as your downloading tool and put all your other apps locally at home. So you just need to connect to the torrent downloader at RSB.

Deluge and ruTorrent

In RSB Seedbox, those two torrents are the only BitTorrent clients directly accessible from outside by default. Other clients require more 'custom' config.

Adding Deluge

Before adding Deluge as download client, it is required to enable Label plugin first.

Adding Deluge is straightforward. Use your Deluge URL and your password, both of which are available in your client area. Don't forget to enable SSL.

Adding ruTorrent

Adding ruTorrent is just as easy. Use the corresponding ruTorrent URL, which looks like, and connect to port 443. Also, ensure you enable SSL and set the URL path to /plugins/rpc/rpc.php .

Remote Mapping

Simply adding the application is not sufficient; you must also change Sonarr/Radarr settings and set that Deluge/ruTorrent is located remotely. To achieve this, you'll need to configure remote path mapping, as explained in detail here:

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