How To Create a Torrent with ruTorrent

Learn how to create a torrent on ruTorrent in a few simple steps.

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Creating a torrent

Step 1

To begin creating a .torrent file, click on the yellow star icon on the top-left corner of the ruTorrent dashboard.

Step 2

A splash window will be displayed asking you to select the source file you want from your seedbox for your .torrent file creation.

Step 3

On "Select source", Choose the file you want to make a .torrent file from and hit "Create" at the bottom of the splash window. Don't forget to add some trackers. Check "Start seeding" if you want to immediately seed the created torrent.

Step 4

The next pop-up screen will prompt you to save the .torrent file you just created. Once you hit "Save", your .torrent file will then be downloaded via your browser.

Congratulations! You now have a .torrent file created from files hosted in your Seedbox. Go ahead and save it.

Verifying newly created torrent

To ensure your torrent starts downloading correctly in rTorrent, it is crucial to include tracker information in the torrent file. Here's the process that rTorrent follows when loading a new torrent:

  1. rTorrent loads the torrent file.

  2. If rTorrent doesn't find a tracker within the file, it switches to Distributed Hash Table (DHT) mode.

  3. In DHT mode, rTorrent acts as if it only has the torrent's overall hash—similar to a magnet link—without specific hashes for each piece of the file.

  4. It then attempts to locate the piece of information from other DHT peers. However, if the torrent is new, it's likely that no other peers have the information yet. rTorrent doesn't recognize that it already possesses the complete file information.

  5. The solution is straightforward: add trackers to your torrent file. Once the torrent becomes active and other peers have the piece of information, you can rely on trackerless downloads, magnet links, or DHT for future transfers.

Remember, adding trackers is a key step in kickstarting your torrent downloads, ensuring faster and more reliable performance.

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