Understanding a seedbox's architecture

Know more about how a seedbox is designed

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This article will help you understand technically (with a highly abstraction level) what is a seedbox and from where its resources are obtained.


A node is a dedicated and customized server, deployed and maintained by our team, which contains resources to be shared (and used) as: CPU, RAM, storage space, network traffic, etc.


A seedbox is a virtual private server, with an unique IP address, that run inside a node.

Relationship between a node and a seedbox

The easiest way to understand this relationship is thinking in a cake.

A seedbox is a slice of that cake. That means it use a part of the total available resources.

Seedbox limitations

Every available seedbox plan has resources limitations. Indirectly speaking, your seedbox's features will be limited too. That's why we offer a variety of plans to satisfy your needs.

Resources consumption abuse

As you know, every seedbox is deployed in a shared environment. We need to ensure that every seedbox has access to its slice of resources.

If there's any greedy seedbox that wants more than a slice, it will be automatically powered off for a short time lapse.

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