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Beginners Guide to NextCloud (3 Minutes to Master)

Share your data with others through NextCloud simple and easy.

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NextCloud is a fork of OwnCloud, a file sharing server that permits you to store your data in one centralized location. In data, we include text documents, pictures, multimedia content etc…

The difference with NextCloud is that all the features are open-source.

It also returns the control and security of your sensitive data back to you. And by that eliminating the use of a third-party cloud hosting service. 

In this tutorial, we will teach you how to use NextCloud, we will presume that you already have NextCloud installed.

If by any chance you do not have it you can use Once Click Installers on our website to get it.

Creating an Admin account

If a self-signed certificate is being used, you will likely see the warning because the certificate is not signed by one of your browser’s trusted authorities. 

This is expected and normal. Click the appropriate button or link to proceed. 

When you reach the NextCloud admin page you will see this page.

Here you need to follow easy steps and create your admin account. This account will be your main one and it will have power over all other user accounts.

After you finish all of this click Finish setup button and sign into your NextCloud.

Main page

When you log in for the first time you will see your main page looking like this:

Your main page contains two parts in it.

The first part and the one most easy to see it all files and folders tub which takes the majority of the page.

In it, you can see and navigate through all files and folder of all users that have access to you NextCloud.

You can also see all the information about the data you have (Size, Time modified, etc…)

One more important detail is a total number of files and folders as well as space consumption of those files in the bottom of the list.

In this tab, you can easily navigate through the files, and see only certain categories of them.

In this tab, you can navigate through the files, and see only certain categories of them.

All files – This will show you all files that you have permission to access or look into.

Recent – Will only show you your files that were recently added.

Shared with you – As its name say all files that are shared with you.

Favorites – Will show you all files that you set as favorite.

Shared with others – Are all the files you shared with other users.

Shared by link – Those files are all the files that you uploaded using a link, not old and hard way by uploading data.

Tags – Will show you all files that have certain tags.

Delete files – Will delete marked files.

Settings – Will allow you to see all hidden files and will provide you a link for WebUI of the NextCloud application.

How to access files/folders

To access files/folders in NextCloud you must use different approach then you are used to.

First, you need to click on the file/folder you want to open.

When you do that pop-up window will appear in right side of the screen that will give you all the information about that particular file/folder.

We use the same procedure for opening files.

The only difference is that files with a format that is unknown to NextCloud will be downloaded directly to users personal computer while others will be opened directly within the application.

Create new Folder/Text file

Creating new Folder/Text file in NextCloud is fast and easy.

Just click on the “+” icon it top of the files list and drop down menu will appear.

For example, click on the New Folder, then name it and press Enter to confirm.


After that, you will be able to see your new Folder in Folders/Files list.

How to Upload file

The process is same as for creating Folders/Text files.

Just click on the “+” icon it top of the files list and drop down menu will appear.

Pick Upload from the list, pop-up window will appear in which you should choose files from your personal directory that you wish to upload.

When you confirm upload process will immediately start.

Your file will be visible in folders/files list after upload is complete.

Plugins and Applications

NextCloud has a lot of additional plugins and applications that you can install.

For instance, NextCloud does not come with audio player installed, but you can find it in a list of available plugins.

To access this list go to Files tab in top left corner of the page, and click on it.

The list will appear, just click on App cube and you will access all applications list.


When you access the list you will firs see all applications that you already have installed.

But if you navigate through a list on left side of the screen you will see categories of all available applications and plugins.

When you find an application that you wish to add click Enable button, and your application will start downloading.

After the download is complete you can access your new application in your application menu.

Add Users and Groups

The process of adding new users and new groups is the same, so we will explain only adding users process because it is a little longer.

First, go to Users tab which located in top right corner list.

In this page, you will see all users and groups that currently exist.

To add new user just fill in Username and Password fields and add a group in which you want to place them, and click Create.

 If you want to create a new group just click group list button and then chose to add a group, give it a name and you are done.

With all this information you can start using your NextCloud, and continue exploring all additional futures of it.

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If you need any assistance, let us know by opening a chat in the lower right hand corner of your screen. We're here to help 😄

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