In this article, we’ll explain how you can reinstall your Seedbox in 3 simple steps.

Common use cases for Seedbox Reinstallation:

  1. You currently use an old template of ours and wish to benefit from new features.

  2. You broke something in your installation and wish to reset your Seedbox to factory settings.

  3. You simply want to wipe all the data for some reason and start from scratch.

Please note: Reinstalling your Seedbox will wipe all your data so backup the important file on a cloud service or your local desktop.

Step 1 - Login to Control Panel

To view your Control Panel credentials, visit Services in your client area and look for the Seedbox Control Panel credentials card for your login details.

Enter your credentials and click Login.

Step 2 - Reinstalling your Seedbox

To reinstall your Seedbox, choose the Seedbox you wish to reinstall and click on the Hostname or the Manage button to enter.

Then, click the Reinstall button.

A list of available templates will appear as follows:

Choose your template from the list (screenshot above) and click on Reinstall again to start the Reinstallation process. (the process takes up to 10 minutes so please be patient.)

Another important thing: if you see [OVZ7] prefix in current operating system field you should pick [OVZ7] templates only! Re-installation with incorrect template will destroy your box irreversibly so you won’t be able to operate it further and will need help of our support team!

For experienced users, we provide minimal barebone templates which can be customized in many ways. They are basic light images dedicated for customization.

Please note: When the reinstallation is performed, you will need to update your passwords related to all existing services and torrent clients.

Only your root password stays the same.

Step 3 - Reset your services password

When you reinstall your Seedbox, the first thing to do is to reset your password.

To do that, please refer to How to Change your Seedbox Password.

If for some reason you can't log into SSH, updating the root password is quite easy, and can be accomplished as follows.

Click on Root/Admin Password while managing your Seedbox via the Control Panel, type your new password and click on Change to apply.

We recommend the following Random Password Generator and generate at least 8 letter string consisted of mixed alphanumeric characters and symbols. To be sure you got secure password, or as an optional password generator tool, you can go to a Password Meter website too.

After you’ve changed your root password, you need to do the following steps depending on your local platform.

  1. Windows – Remove existing sessions in your SSH client (Putty)

  2. Linux – Issue this command: ssh-keygen -R YOUR_SEEDBOX_IP

  3. Mac OS – Open a terminal and issue this command: ssh-keygen -R YOUR_SEEDBOX_IP

You should be able to log in via SSH like before. If you are unsure how to log in via SSH, please check this article: How to Connect to Your Seedbox using SSH

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If you need any assistance, let us know by opening a chat in the lower right hand corner of your screen. We're here to help 😄

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