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Proxy service features explained
Proxy service features explained

A deeper dive into some of the unique proxy features and functionalities.

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Since proxy service itself is quite straight forward there are actually just a few things that are most interesting to do with it.

First one is simple test if service is actually working, and this can be done via simple click on Check Proxy button in your User Panel.

If everything is working fine, you will get following pop up message.

If however it does not, please DO contact our support team via our Live Web Support Chat.

Second thing is IPV6 list. Since we provide 3 modes of Proxy deployment, there are 2 ways of using available lists.

For Rotating mode (default) you can download simple text file with regular IPV6 list which are assigned to your service.

So simply click on download icon next to service type (HTTPS or SOCKS5) you want to use, and .txt file will be offered for download.

However, if you want to use Fixed, or Mixed mode, you will get a bit different file. This time it will provide an option for you to specify which data will be provided. By default, list will be generated following this rule:


and if you are happy with this, just download the file. But if you do not need any of these options, you can simply type ones you need, following provided keywords.

Once you are fine with your selection, again, simply click on Download button, and .txt file would be generated for you to get it.

As always, if you need any further assistance, fell free to contact our support team via our Live Web Support Chat.

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