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Getting Started with Rotating Residential Proxies
Getting Started with Rotating Residential Proxies
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What is Rotating Residential Proxies?

A rotating proxy is a type of proxy server that frequently changes the IP addresses it uses. This means every time you connect, you get a new IP address, keeping your original IP hidden. This automatic rotation helps maintain anonymity and security as it prevents servers from tracking or blocking users based on their IP.

Let's Go!

  1. Order Proxy Rotating Residential on our site

  2. Now, in your Client's area you will have Proxy service:

On page Controls you can change parameters:

You can change the next parameters: Country and Session type.

Session type:

Random IP - IP will change on every request/refresh made;
Session IP - keeps IP sticky for ~30mins; after 30mins, it will disconnect at any time.

What is credential count and how do I use it?

The credential count is used only with the Session IP option. This option allows you to create multiple different IPs to use at same time. Now please note a few important things here:

  1. In credential count you can enter any number you want. Note that if you use a country that has a significantly smaller IP pool, you may get the same IP several times.

  2. In the credential count generator the only difference you will see a different password when using the session IP option. Different password = different IP after connecting to proxy.

  3. All generated IPs will be valid for ~30mins and after that proxies will disconnect at any time, meaning that you will need to generate new credentials.

To use credential count use the following steps:

  1. Select your preferred settings in the credentials generator as in previous screenshots.

  2. In credential count enter any number you need and this is how many IPs will be generated.

  3. Press "Generate credentials". Successful generating will display IPs generated down below. You can copy all of them or use the Download credentials button to download recently generated ones. Copy the credentials to your browser or software you use. Happy browsing!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. Does it support SOCKS5/HTTPS? - No, only HTTP is supported.

  2. What are proxy authentication methods? - Username/password

  3. How can I change my proxy password? - Currently, we don't provide a resetting password option.

  4. Why are the IP address, port, and username always the same? - Rotating residential proxies utilize a shared IP pool, meaning that the IP address you receive is used to connect to the shared IP pool as a whole. Your IP address will appear based on the country you selected after connecting to the proxy.

  5. How to choose a country? - You can choose a country on the Control panel.

  6. How to check how much traffic is left? - You can see this information in the Balance column.

  7. Does unused bandwidth expire? - Yes, if 90% of the bandwidth is not used within 3 months of the last bandwidth purchase (or initial proxy purchase) the proxy will expire with all of its remaining bandwidth. This rule affects only Rotating Residential proxies.

  8. How many concurrent sessions (threads) can be used? - no limit.

  9. What IP versions does Proxy-Cheap support? - Only IPv4.

  10. Can you target city/state/zip code? - No, we do not offer such targeting options. You can only target the country level.

  11. Can you manually switch IPs or extract IPs via API? - Custom or manual rotation is not supported. You only have the credentials generator options:

    Random IP - IP will change on every request/refresh made;

    Session IP - keeps IP sticky for ~30mins; after 30mins, it will disconnect at any time.

  12. What are the speeds of rotating residential proxy? - Speeds depend on the ISP and the IP because the rotating residential proxies plan uses a shared IP pool that is made from real users that allow the traffic to pass through their IPs.

  13. Can I choose a country before making a purchase? - You do not need to worry about this option. When purchasing a rotating residential proxy - you will have access to all countries at the same time and you will be able to choose your country at any time you need.

  14. How long does 1 GB last? - This question cannot be answered as the usage of bandwidth is subjective to every user and every user use case individually. Note that all traffic is being calculated in the usage - upload, download, and every request made.

  15. Why IP and PORT and Username is always the same? - Rotating residential proxies uses a shared IP pool, therefore the IP you get is only used to connect to the shared IP pool as a whole. Your IP address will be displayed according to the country you choose after you connect to the proxy.

  16. Proxy fraud score is high, what can I do? - Any IP can have any fraud score on any of the databases. We are not associated with any of the databases therefore we cannot tell what is the reason for fraud score calculation. Proxy fraud score in general is not a performance index for proxy performance. Having high score does not necessarily mean that the proxy is bad or that it will not work for your use case. Also, any different database can display proxy fraud scores differently, therefore you should not take any results as granted.

  17. My proxy shows the wrong location? - Many different sites can use different databases, thus results can be distorted or unreliable. This is because there is no 1 unified database for all results.

    Please note that we cannot impact any data displayed on any 3rd party databases. Use only the official and reputable databases to confirm your results. Them being:

    3rd party website results are not taken for granted. For any updates of IP in any 3rd party website, contact the site administrator and ask if they can manually update your IP in their database.

    Proxies, displayed on third-party websites in other countries are none of our responsibility as we cannot impact the data, therefore such proxies are not eligible for refunds.

  18. Are there any restrictions for proxy use? - We do not block or restrict anything from our side but we cannot guarantee that every IP will work with every use case.

    However, our proxies are not suitable and will not work for the following use cases:

    • Mailing services

    • Gambling sites

    • Survey sites

    • Offer sites

    • Redeem sites

    • Dating services

  19. I cannot connect to my proxy, what should I do? - If you cannot connect to a proxy, this can be both a user-end or platform-end issue with the proxy. But before thinking that the proxy is not working completely, please try the following options:

    • Try checking if the credentials you entered are correct

    • Make sure not to leave any space in between your entered credentials

    • Try and check your browser configuration if it is set up correctly

    • Try using a different browser

    • Try using a different device with a different network.

    • Check if your browser supports the authentication method or connection protocol

    • Try checking if your proxy connections are not blocked by the firewall or your internet provider*

    • Check if your proxy did not expire

    • Check if you did not change any of the proxy credentials, authentication method, or connection protocol

    * - Users in the following areas such as China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, UAE, Egypt, and Morocco may experience connection issues due to regulations of proxy connections on the national level. It is advised to connect to a VPN first and then try to connect to the proxy.

    In case none of these options worked, the proxy may be the issue, and upon that contact our live support via messenger or write a letter to [email protected] for a check-up of your proxy.

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