Our web-based services for managing torrents and other applications are protected with SSL connection. 

This applies to the following web clients:

  1. ruTorrent

  2. Deluge

  3. Web access

  4. Resilio 

When  you try  for the first time to access any of them, you will probably experience browser warnings that site can not be trusted. 

Both signed and self-signed certificates are 100% valid and they are providing the same level of the encryption (and security) between you and the server. Every time a new seedbox is deployed, a self-signed SSL certificate is generated on-the-fly, which means it is unique and non-reusable.

There are two most important differences between them:

  • Self-signed certificates are free of cost, and they are signed by a person that issues them. In this case - our company.

  • Certificates signed and validated with CA are pricey , and they are mostly used for web domains.

When you visit your Seedbox HTTP bases service, if there is a complaint that connection isn't secure - feel free to ignore this warning, accept the certificate and proceed to the desired service. 

In Chrome, for example, you just need to type thisisunsafe and that's all. Firefox offers you a button to proceed.

Please keep your local browsers and OS updated, and we strongly advise you to use our or any other providers VPN service for your safety and anonymity.

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If you need any assistance, let us know by opening a chat in the lower right hand corner of your screen. We're here to help 😄

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