PayPal Errors Explained

You received a PayPal error and not sure what's next? the following article will help you out.

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Sometimes PayPal experience may not be as fluent as expected.
The following text should help you handle payment issues while purchasing or renewing RapidSeedbox services.

When your payment attempt failed, you can see some brief information about it:

If you were not able to handle this according to our recommendations above, you may want to contact RSB tech support.

First of all, if you have any information regarding your issue (e. g. error message/code or PP support recomendations) please do not hesitate to share it with RSB support operative. Doing this may speed up the solution.

The next thing to do is wait for support agent to dig out some logs from our billing backend and report his findings. Depending on the result, you may get the immediate solution or will have to proceed further and contact PayPal support.

PayPal API holds vast number of error codes and descriptions but you won't ever see majority of them. Below comes the list of some poplular issues which may occur quite often while paying RSB services with PayPal and will make solution easier for you.

10069 "Payment refused due to risk; user notification necessary."

If you see this, please contact PayPal customer support. Our tech operatives won't be able to help you in this case.

10207 "Retry."

To solve this, try adding some alternate funding source.

10486 "This transaction couldn't be completed."

Check requisites of your funding source (billing address, limits, etc.) or add proper one. If still getting this code, contact PayPal customer support:

10417 "Transaction cannot complete."

This error code is very common.
For some reason PayPal can't process the transaction from your funding source. In most cases this can be a problem with your bank card. Please contact your card issuer, PayPal support, choose alternate funding source or completely different payment method for our invoice.

We can set any proper payment method for the invoice per your request.

10527 "Invalid Data."

Check your bank card information (number and type) used in funding source settings. If no errors found, please contact PayPal customer support.

11451 "Billing Agreement Id or transaction Id is not valid."

This is common error as well.
This happens due to some errors in existing billing agreement. Cancel the agreement and create new one in your RSB customer profile to mitigate this issue.

15005, 15006 "Processor Decline."

Another bank-related trouble. Please address this to your card issuing bank or use alternate card to make a payment.

The error codes described above don't conclude the list of known PayPal issues. Some cases may require further investigation so never give up on finding solution and sharing your thoughts with RSB support personnel.

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