In this tutorial, you will learn how to change your services default password.

Step 1

The first step to do is to connect to your Seedbox using SSH. If youโ€™re not sure how please follow this guide

How to connect to your Seedbox via SSH.

Step 2

Using the changeseedboxpass you have two options

  1. Use the Command Line Interface

    For those who prefer the CLI version of the utility, you can change the password for all of your services just by running this one command or see the help section for any other specific service

    changeseedboxpass user all [Service Password]

    See the syntax here

    [email protected]:~# changeseedboxpass -h
    Usage: changeseedboxpass [USERNAME [Service Password] ]


    Dialog UI:
    changeseedboxpass username

    No UI:
    changeseedboxpass username deluge PaZZw0rD
    changeseedboxpass username all RANDOM

    Services are:
    all, user, btsync, deluge, l2tp_ipsec, nzbget, plex,
    qbittorrent, resiliosync, rutorrent, sabnzbd, syncthing,
    transmission, utorrent, userdir, vnc, 3proxy, seedboxcp

    This is all for the CLI version. For the Graphical version of the utility keep following the article.

  2. Use the Graphical User Interface

    If you prefer the GUI version of the utility, in the SSH console, as root, only type the following command


Step 3

Note: From this step process of changing passwords is different based on the template that you have.

A little graphical utility will load. From the list select the service for which you want to change your password and press the Enter key

Step 4

After changing any password, you should now see a message that confirms that the password of your desired service was successfully changed

After you changed your password just click โ€œOKโ€ and exit the application.

Step 5

Exit the SSH console by closing the terminal window or typing exit. Your desired service password is now successfully changed, go ahead and try to log into it with your new password.

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