Radarr Quality Settings (including 4K)
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Introduction 👋

Getting the right quality can take a lot of work, while understanding the difference between true quality and the .torrent with the most seeds can be daunting. Most of us like to head to our favorite indexing sites, filter the results to show the best seeds, and then download based on the quality. Luckily, if you're using Radarr, we've complied suggested Quality Settings for Radarr video files.

If you want to understand further the limitations of streaming 4K content from your seedbox, click the button below to check out our blog! 🎸

Please note these settings are largely based on Trash Guides with slight 4k alterations modified for optimal streaming on your Stream Seedbox 🚀

4k settings have a *max value of 20GB/h, our suggested max file size for streaming 4K-UHD content from your seedbox.

For more detailed information and extra Radarr (and Sonarr) settings, hit the button below to check out Trash Guides 👇

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