Do you have friends, family, or kids to which you want to grant specific library access? Or someone you want to share a movie with? Plex makes this easy using the following steps below!

Manage Library Access 🤝

Here we can set the Users we would like to share our media files with. If you have the user's email or existing Plex username, click Grant Library Access and enter the information in the space provided.

After we have entered the details of the user(s), we want to invite; we can select which libraries or servers we want them to have access to.

Once you have finished sharing your libraries, click SAVE!

Your invite has been sent! 🚀

Managing child/teen access

Some of us have children or mothers we want to censor from specific content on our Plex server. In this case, we should create libraries for each user genre.

For example, the filesystem on your Seedbox could read:

Movies that would only be for Adults could be in the folder path:

/home/user/plex/Adult Movies

The movies that will be primarily kids-based media:

/home/user/plex/Kids Movies

Here we can put movies we want to show up in both libraries:

/home/user/plex/Family Movies

[a similar structure can be used for TV series]

Followed by your Plex Library setup:

Adult Movies

/home/user/plex/Adult Movies

/home/user/plex/Family Movies

Kids Movies

/home/user/plex/Kids Movies

/home/user/plex/Family Movies

[a similar structure can be used for TV series]

You also now have the option to share content with users that may not be available in their current library permissions.

To do this, find the content you wish to share, click on the three dots, then click Grant Access.

Once you've selected Grant Access, you'll be able to enter the username or email address of the person you are sharing with.

I don't know what to do next...

If you need assistance, let us know by opening a chat in the bottom right corner of your screen. We're here to help 😄

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