Sometimes, even though your seedbox is up and ready for use, you may find that you cannot access it - either through the web interfaces, FTP or SSH.

Some of the common causes are:

- Self-signed certificates
- Anti-virus software

- Firewall

- VPN connection

- Port-forwarding

- ISP blocking ports

How to resolve connectivity problems related to the above causes.

Self-signed browser certificate

This is explained here

Anti-Virus software

Allow access to our apps. The exact method depends on the anti-virus software you are using. Common methods include "white-listing" or "allow application".
In some cases, you may temporarily turn-off/disable your anti-virus software to test if that is the cause.


This is a software used to prevent unauthorised access from the Internet to your PC. It commonly blocks access to ports required for FTP (20, 21) and SSH, X2Go (2222).
On Windows, it is usually part of the anti-virus software, though there is a less-used Windows firewall.
To allow access, you need to "white-list" or "allow" the application (FileZilla) and/or port (21, 2222)

VPN Connection

Some VPN connections may prevent access to your seedbox or to some services.
Please consult your VPN providers' documentation on how to allow access.

ISP blocking ports

Some ISPs allow only the common ports and block other ports.This is less common but has been observed to occur.
If you're still experiencing connectivity issues and the other solutions above do not appear to work, please check with your ISP.

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