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We do have dedicated Seedboxes available.

What a dedicated Seedbox is?

A dedicated Seedbox is a Seedbox that is installed on a dedicated server that is not being shared with other users.

It means that 100% of the resources of the dedicated server you have will be available for you to utilize for your Seedbox activities as well as any other activities you wish.

How do I order a dedicated Seedbox?

First, browse and choose your dedicated server in one of our locations.
Dedicated Servers in France
Dedicated Servers in Netherlands

During the checkout process, choose the "Dedicated Seedbox" option.

You can choose between 1-3 dedicated Seedbox installations inside the same dedicated server you have ordered. (Most people choose one.)

Once you're ready, finalize the checkout process and we'll process your order.

Please note: If you choose a Seedbox Installation, the other fields (Additional IP Addresses and Operating System) are irrelevant so you can ignore them.

What operating system will me Seedbox have?

Your Seedbox will be installed with our very own official Seedbox template which is currently on Ubuntu 16.04

All our recommended apps, features and tweaks will be pre-installed.

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