You can always check your seedbox network traffic through your Seedbox Control Panel.

Log into your Seedbox Control Panel on My Services page.

Once you're logged in, choose the virtual server (Seedbox) you would like to monitor its traffic.

At the bottom of the virtual server look for Controls section and select the Statistics tab.

On that tab, select a suitable time span.

Once the traffic data has been loaded, you will now be able to see your Seedbox upload and download speeds, CPU load and Memory usage.

To analyze Network Traffic (graph #1), the graphical representation shows the activity in Mbytes/second for Incoming (downloading) traffic in blue color while the Outgoing (uploading) is in green color.
 Both shows the maximum, average and current Seedbox speed respectively. On the screenshot given above, the average Seedbox speed for downloading is 16.1 Mb/s while the uploading is at 0.9 Mb/s.

By analyzing the graphs, you will be able to determine how your downloading and uploading speeds are behaving, as well your Seedbox performances.

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