Our Seedbox Control Panel is available for all our of our Seedbox plans.

Once you browse to your Control Panel URL, you will then be asked for a username and password.

Fill these boxes with your Control Panel credentials which you can find under your Client Area after your order is complete. 

After you have done this, you will then be routed to the control panel dashboard, choose the Seedbox you wish to reboot and click on “Manage”, and then browse to the bottom section of the Seedbox page where you have the “Controls” section.

You will have four buttons assigned for individual tasks:

  1.  Reboot (Restart)
  2.  Shutdown
  3.  Boot
  4.  Reinstall

To restart your Seedbox, click on the “Reboot” button. Your Seedbox will go offline and come back within 30-60 seconds. All running services that were running, will start again.

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